Woman Wins Million-Plus In Texas Lottery For Fourth Time

We're not the biggest lottery fans in the world (tax on the mathematically illiterate and all that), but if we had Joan Ginther's luck maybe we'd change our mind.

Last week Ginther traveled to Austin to pick up $10 million she won from some super extreme amazing give-us-your-money scratch-off ticket.

Which isn't unusual -- someone has to win, after all -- but it was the fourth time Ginther has won over a million dollars in the Texas Lottery.

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports that Ginther, a native of Bishop now living in (of course) Las Vegas, keeps racking up the wins.

It began in 1993 with a $5.4 million win in the regular ol' Lotto. Thirteen years later, on a trip back home to care for her father, she won $2 million on a $30 scratch-off ticket. (Thirty bucks for a scratch-off ticket? The mind reels, unless your name is Joan Ginther.) Two years after that, in 2008, she won a $3 million scratch-off prize.

When you take into account the lump-sum and annuity stuff, she's won about $20.4 million in the "contests."

Two of the tickets were purchased at the same convenience store, which got a $10,000 check each time.

Lottery officials told the Caller-Times they don't keep track of multiple winners. We assume they check the winning tickets pretty closely.

Ginther requested "minimum publicity" and could not be reached, the paper said. She was probably busy plotting how best to further deprive fellow scratch-off players from the jackpot.

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