Wonder Arceneaux Sam: Stabbed Nursing Home Resident to Death, HPD Says

Wonder Sam has confessed, HPD says.
Last week Houston police released a security-cam picture of a smiling black woman leaving a northside nursing home where a resident had just been stabbed to death. Someone called in to Crime Stoppers with a tip, and today HPD announced the woman had been arrested and charged with murder.

She's got the unique name of Wonder Sam (middle or maiden name Arceneaux), 48, and has confessed to the May 7 stabbing, Houston police say.

She said she had been visiting another resident and then went to see Willie Hightower, 66. There were signs of a struggle at the death scene, police say.

After getting the Crime Stoppers tip, police arrested Sam on unrelated warrants; she then, HPD says, "confessed to her role in Hightower's death."

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