Wonder Dog Walks Away From Rollover Crash

gci plus wreck 015.JPG
Christina Solis
Somewhere, beneath that massive mop of Rasta hair, is Celosa. And it may have been the excessive padding provided by the puli's coiffure that allowed her to walk away from a dramatic roll-over accident that flew her from a tumbling car.

Celosa's owner, Christina Solis, was driving on 290 Saturday when, she says, a driver sped up behind her, swerved to avoid slamming into her and then collided with the divider in such a way that he slammed into her car.

She and her fiancé were tightly buckled in, but Celosa was sitting on his lap.

The seatbelts helped the couple as the car began turning over two, three or four times. When the pair finally stopped and looked around, Celosa was nowhere to be found.

Eventually, as passers-by and EMTs were working on their relatively minor injuries, someone came up to the scene with Celosa on a leash.

"I don't think we could have gone through that crash a million times without her dying or being in severe pain in all but one of them. This was the one," Solis said on her livejournal. "We think that she must have gone out in the first roll, being placed on the concrete and then having the car flip away from her. And the airbag never went off, so she didn't get killed by that."

Solis tells Hair Balls she has a few ideas on how the dog survived..

"Her really thick fur may have had something to do with her amazing survival. It's pretty protective," she says. "Though we're willing to entertain teleportation as a viable alternative theory."

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