He shoots, he, um, gets incarcerated.

Working on His Shooting Percentage

Houston Rockets head coach Jeff Van Gundy stresses intelligence, good judgement and awareness on the court. It doesn't hurt if his players exhibit the same quality off the court either. Considering former Rockets forward Lonnie Baxter's tomfoolery, it seems a good thing that he was traded this year to the Charlotte Bobcats.

Yesterday, Baxter was arrested by Secret Service after shots were fired about two blocks from the White House. Baxter, 27, and Irvin Martin,35, were charged with carrying a pistol without a license and other firearms charges after spent casings were found in their white sports utility vehicle. Sorry, a gun in a white SUV? Talk about a sports cliche.

Baxter and Martin are currently being held in D.C. Die-hard Rockets fans may remember that Baxter signed with the team of September 8, 2005 and was later traded to the Charlotte Bobcats for Keith Bogans on February 9 of this year. (Bogans is no longer with the Rockets.) At the time, the swap was made strictly for need, but something tells us Coach VG wouldn't take to kindly to his players dabbling with domestic terrorism.

Baxter, who played college hoops at Maryland, isn't currently on the Bobcats' roster; it's speculated that he was going to sign in Italy. Given his current situation, his basketball options seem a bit limited. Here's hoping Bax looks good in a bright orange uniform. — Steven Devadanam

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