World's Worst Get-Away Vehicle Succeeds, At Least For Now

If you're going to rob a bank and hope to get away with it, a couple of basic tips would seem to be a) Drive a vehicle that looks like every other vehicle on the road, and b) Don't do everything but pose for your security-camera shot.

Tossing caution to the wind, two robbers were captured in video while robbing the Regions Bank in Spring this afternoon.

Their vehicle:

A bold blue van, with a custom roof on top and, as the FBI put it, "a household air conditioning unit [that] could be seen sticking out of the back of the van's raised roof."

There's got to be hundreds of those in Houston, dammit!!!

To seal the deal, the male half of the pair set himself up nicely for a security cam:

Oh, nice job with the baseball hat, sir. They'll never get a good look at your with that.

Call 713-222-TIPS to drop a dime.

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