Worse, Worser and Worst: You Just Know Travis Johnson Made the List

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I know, you guys are just waiting for me to come out and blast the Texans after yesterday’s victory. But you know what? I’m not going to. While I wasn’t overly impressed – no team should have that many problems against the Dolphins – I saw enough to see improvement. I even think Kubiak did a better job with the clock management this week.

And hey, they won. And that’s what matters. Correct?

So this week I’m doing something else. I’m ripping a page out of Keith Olbermann’s book and I’m doing the Worst Person in the World routine.

Number Three, the Worse Person in the World, would be my buddy Richard Justice with the Chron. Even though he states we should never question a player’s injury after what happened with J.R. Richard, Justice then goes on to question whether Jerome Mathis is really injured. After all, the X-rays and MRIs didn’t show anything, so you just know he had to be faking something. Funny, they could never find anything wrong with J.R. Richard either, until he almost died. Surprisingly, Justice has yet to write anything on this topic after a stress fracture was found in Mathis’s leg.

Richard, buddy, if you’re going to reference J.R. Richard, then don’t accuse a player of faking it.

Number Two, the Worser Person in the World, would be Texans lineman Travis Johnson. Travis, I know that you probably didn’t know Dolphin QB Trent Green was unconscious on the turf under you, and I know that he tried to clip you, but do you really think that was an excuse to start taunting the man. Not only was the guy injured, but your stupidity cost the team 15 yards and a first down.

Number One, the Worst Person in the World, would be KILT talking head and Texans sideline reporter Rich Lord who, while Trent Green was lying face down on the field, while a medical staff was surrounding him and a stretcher was being brought out on the field, while no one had any idea of how serious Trent Green’s injury was, had the nerve to say that Green got what he deserved for trying to clip Johnson, and that the true victim of the play was Travis Johnson who was flagged for taunting.

Let’s see, you’ve got a player lying face down on the turf. He’s carried out strapped down to a stretcher, but the true victim is the guy who caused the injury then got flagged.

Rich Lord, you’re the Worst Person in the World. – John Royal

Click here for a slideshow of the action.

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