Worst Shoplifter Luck Ever: Making Your Escape in Full View of a Professional Photographer

Photos by Barry Sigman
The photo that did not involve an escaping shoplifter.
You're an athletic woman who likely can easily outrun any employee of a mall shop. So even if they're scrambling after you yelling "Shoplifter!!" as loud as they can, you know you can make it to the parking lot and freedom.

Just one tip: Don't have your escape route go right by a professional photographer taking pictures.

One Sugar Land shoplifter didn't follow that guideline, and now police have a series of fine photos catching her escape as it happened. At no charge!

Photographer Barry Sigman, who shot "Drought Photos: Apocalyptic Scenes From Sugar Land" for us recently, went to the City Walk mall there yesterday looking for pics to take, and saw Ethyn Everts and his mom and shot him eating ice cream, as you can see.

Then, he says, "I saw somebody run past me followed by another person who was yelling, 'shoplifter' over and over again."

He chased after the woman.

"When I did have to stop running, I used that time to take pictures of her," he says. "At one point she threw some things into the bushes then ran 20 yards, and for some reason she went back for them. That's when I captured her face on my camera."



"I flagged down the police and showed them a picture," Sigman says. "They were looking for a male, but they know now that it was a female."

Just to be sure she could be easily identified, the shoplifter helpfully provided Sigman with a full-face shot.


Police are looking for the woman.

Update: They've found her, thanks to the picture, Sigman says.

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