Worst Sports Night Ever? Texans Lose, Cards & Rangers to the Series

Our Houston Texans analysis will be coming later, due to some unforeseen circumstances, but in its place let us ponder how the sporting gods have toyed with us.

Sure, beating the Ravens in Baltimore would have been a big upset. But the Texans chose to keep it close until the end, holding out the possibility of a later win, only to snap back to reality and oh there goes gravity. Bad, sure, but expected -- and not as decimating as losing to the Titans next week.

Even worse: The World Series will be between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Yes, we now live in a world where the freaking Texas Rangers have more Series appearances than the Astros.

And the Cards? Who the hell are we supposed to root for in this thing?

On the one hand: Tony LaRussa. On the other: George W. Bush.

Yeah, there will be some who will point to Lance Berkman and Nolan Ryan. NOT BUYING IT.

It is inevitable that the Rangers or the Cards will be world champs. There is no scenario where this is a good thing.

Going in to the league championship series, the obvious hope for any Astro fan would be a Detroit-Milwaukee series.

Instead we will be subjected to dugout shots of Genius LaRussa and front-row shots of W and, frankly, is there any reason to watch that?

Sporting gods, thou art cruel and capricious.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.