Worst St. Patrick's Day Ever: Getting Punctured By Hidden Hypodermic Needles

It was St. Patrick's Day two years ago and traveling businessman Douglas Hodge of West Virginia decided to stop for the night at a Super 8 motel in Baytown. (Because if anything screams "luxury" it's the phrase "Super 8 in Baytown.") After getting ready for a good night's sleep, he leaned back into the bed.

But something wasn't right.

Hodge felt something sharp beneath him and noticed that a used hypodermic needle had punctured his back. Hodge ripped the covers off of the mattress and discovered numerous used needles and alcohol swabs, according to allegations Hodge makes against Super 8 in a lawsuit recently filed in Harris County District Court.

If Hodge's allegations are true, he couldn't possibly be Irish. 

Hodge claims he ran to the manager's desk, where the clerk began treating the wound with alcohol and dialed 9-1-1. When EMS arrived, they took Hodge to a nearby hospital. The police also showed up, but never filed an official report, according to the lawsuit.

Doctors at the hospital told Hodge he needed to undergo repeat blood tests for HIV and Hepatitis over the next year to make sure he was healthy. Hodge is suing over the mental anguish he suffered through while waiting to find out if he had contracted a deadly disease, and for the motel's failure to clean and change the bedding.

Hodge claims Super 8 has so far refused to pay the medical bills from the emergency room visit. 

Other than the whole needle thing, we're sure he enjoyed Baytown.

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