WrestleMania: The Fans. Let's Not Forget The Fans

Last Sunday's WrestleMania promised to bring the faithful to Houston, and in that regard at least, it didn't disappoint (unless by "faithful" you were expecting personages of some religious significance, in which case you'd certainly be a little disappointed). Let's take a look back at some of the more colorful rasslin' aficionados that descended upon Reliant Stadium.

5. Smiles, Everyone...Smiles!

This was taken right before Triple H's climactic entrance, but for the life of me I can't figure out if everybody's frowning because they're cynical, world-weary exemplars of a society fed up with disappointment and the failure of their leaders, or if they're just Randy Orton fans.

Photos by Pete Vonder Haar

4. The "Leagend"

The saddest thing about this picture isn't the multiple misspellings (try to spot them all!) or the miscalculation involved in using print so tiny the Legend Killer likely couldn't read it if he wanted to, but the fact that the young lady pictured was actually having to use the bathroom mere moments before Orton's entrance.

3. The Parking Attendant

Fans of Elmo's World will recognize Mr. Noodle, who rises above his fellow Undertaker fans by creating a placard that not only looks like an authentic traffic sign, but is actually spelled correctly.

Assuming "tombstone" is a verb, that is.

2. Chewbacca

I'm not up enough on my wrestling personalities to know who this guy is supposed to be emulating, so I choose to believe he makes his living -- like Boba Fett -- hunting wookiees and other undesirables for the Empire and wearing their pelts.

1. Los Demonios Verdes

Daniel and Pancho (these were the names they gave me) were two of the coolest dudes I met, and Pancho has my unwavering respect for being four beers in with over two hours of matches left to go.

(Editor's Note: Want more colorful wrestling fans? Check out our WWE RAW slideshow, in which we interviewed folks with the most interesting hair. A lot of them turned out to be amateur wrestlers.)

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