WTF U Texting 4? Highlights From The 713

Texts From Last Night is an entertaining website that purports to collect text messages from around the country. The idea is recipients send the idiotic or odd messages they've received to the site. Or maybe the site just makes them up.

There's no way to tell. But assuming it's on the up-and-up, the 713 area code is a shining star.

Some examples:

(713): So when exactly did I get naked and makeout with the statue?

(Dude, if you have to ask....)

Then there's:

(713): we had that weird still in bed morning after conversation. Her dad is the vp of my company.

Yeah, awkward. Especially if you get in to the office late.


(713): Hope the move went well! I'll miss you! (832): you are a cunt and I hated living with you and your skeezy boyfriend.Just thought I'd get that out there.

Roomies made in heaven!!!

There's also this (self-serving) beauty from Houston. Don't trust anyone!!!!

(925): I'm kindof freaked out about my cock not getting up this morning. Cove over later so I can sort this out. Do not post this on texts from last night.
(713): Damn that would have been a great one. Hahah and don't worry...

The 281 in the hizzy:

(281): 3 of us had 22 margaritas. Hellllllo yellow cab. Goodbye morals.

And the 832:

(832): I just passed one of the bars and saw my mom kissing another woman. This can't be good....right?
(303): Knowing your life, probably not.

The message seems clear: Don't drink and text. But if someone else does, send it to Texts From Last Night.

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