Yao Ming's Wax Statue Is Hideous, But It Does Contain More Heart Than Tracy McGrady

Madame Tussaud's, who has had a monopoly on the wax-museum business for far too long, has unveiled a new Yao Ming statue.

The guys at Best Week Ever don't like it.

The "Yao Wax Monster" is, "let's say, walking distance from the heart of Unflattering City," they write.

They really exaggerated accurately depicted every negative aspect of Yao's physical appearance, from his disproportionate arms to his teeny face to how he apparently holds a ball like a thumbless ape, to his...well, the arm hair's pretty dead-on.

And, we've got to say, the pictures prove their point.

Check a couple of others after the jump.

On the other hand, maybe Yao does look like that. We wouldn't know -- we don't start watching the NBA until the second round of the playoffs.

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