Yeee-Haw!! Houstonians Headed To Arizona To Show Support

The Freedom Riders of the `60s were brave, visionary fighters for civil rights, but they pale in comparison to the Pale Riders of the Michael Berry Brigade.

Berry, the former city councilman and current KTRH talk-show host who recently hoped that a mosque would get bombed, is boldly leading Lovers of America to Arizona to show support for that state's new immigration law.

The "God Bless Arizona Tour" will depart from Houston tomorrow morning.

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By plane, not bus. "We hoped to do it by bus, but the logistics of that were too long," Berry tells Hair Balls.

He says "a couple of hundred" people will go to Arizona from Houston, but because it's not a single chartered flight -- participants can get out there any way they want -- he doesn't have hard numbers.

Their purpose is to show Arizonans "that hardworking Americans are supporting them, not boycotting them."

The group will meet with Governor Jan Brewer and with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Berry says they had hoped to have a tour of Arpaio's tent city, but it would have required too much in the way of extra staffing for the county.

The trip won't be just about getting a completely unbiased, two-sided and fair look at immigration, however -- there's fun to be had, too!!

The group will tour the Grand Canyon, looking for illegals no doubt, and then see some parade led by former Dallas Cowboy Danny White.

We're guessing a certain Lee Greenwood song might be heard somewhere along the way, too.

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