Yes, But How Do White Supremacists Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Hair Balls, and we just love to see how different communities get into the spirit. Where better to learn about new ways to enjoy the holiday than white supremacist forum site Stormfront.org? Here are snippets of past Halloween discussions you can find on the site right now.

WhiteCamellia writes: "The negroes bring their kids here every Halloween in van and carfuls, to get 'better pickings,' as another poster said. Last year I gave out old, stale candy to them, in the hopes it would prevent them from coming around again this year."

But it's not only the negroes who are spoiling a White Halloween.

Southern Shadow writes: "Our neighborhood is almost exclusively white but on halloween there is a sea of beaners walking our streets begging candy from the white people....Hopefully when the supply of candy dwindles the beaners will get the message and go elsewhere."

Shane Smith writes: "Costume idea; Write numbers on your forearm and go out as a liar. Very scary."

Very scary indeed, Shane!

Kradmelder also gave us something to chew on: "While people may dress up like vampires, witches, and devils tonight, they are all really harmless. But blacks, mexicans, and especially jews are real monsters by human standards....Vampires only drink blood in the movies but jews have a long and well documented history of murdering people and using their blood in their talmudic rituals."

You said it, Kradmelder -- oy vey!

Here's one for the Bayou City, from 14words of truth: "In Houston, where the Jews and their Federal Government have allowed even more criminal alien invaders to infest that fine city, plus the professional criminals resettled there from Katrina as well, the Houston Police issued warnings not to open your door for Halloween!

That's right, 14 -- safety first!

Another outstanding costume idea, from Whitepwr88: "One year I took some black shoe polish and covered my face, neck and arms, and rode around on a bike, they asked what I was for halloween, told them I'm a thief."

Here's our buddy Kradmelder again: "I will pass out cheap sugar based candy. Mexicans are real prone to diabetes and I want to help them get to Hell as soon as possible."

Hair Balls must admit our sweet-tooth as well -- we definitely prefer "sugar based" candy to "flour based" candy!

MinisterFredE weighs in on the issue of tradition: "Going round the streets dressed as Obamas, sorry I meant Zombies, threatening people into giving you sweets isn't my idea of a White tradition, sounds more like a Negro excuse for mugging Whites."

TheHulk offers a good idea for a last-minute costume: "I'm going as a proud white man...sure to scare the hell out of people!!"

C'mon, TheHulk -- can't you put a little more thought into it? What about going as a proud white werewolf?

Well, there you have it. Now we're off to score some sugar based candy!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.