Yes, Gary Kubiak Is in Mid-Season "Battling" Form

With Texans' training camp in full swing, there's one thing fans want to know -- is head coach Gary Kubiak in mid-season quote-machine form?

The answer is decidedly yes.

Odd circumlocutions? You bet: Former New Orleans Saint, current Texan Mitch King? "He's a try-hard player."

Of Houston Cougars QB Case Keenum, Kubiak says, "I love his want-to," which puts a mental picture in our head of Kubes writhing on the recording floor like Donna Summer moaning her 18-minute version of "Love to Love You Baby," and that's a mental image we'd rather not endure, thanks.

But mostly, Kubes' readiness means it is time to battle.

A glance through the post-practice interview transcripts shows that, like always, the Texans will be battling this year, one way or other.

To wit:

August 3: "So we had to just practice. We worked with two groups today. We battled through."

August 2: "The work -- you don't balance work, you got to go to work. You got to have a good camp, you got to battle, you got to work to be good at football. That's the way it is. But you do everything you can to preach to your team and teach them practice habits that possibly keep everybody up and everybody healthy. It's a constant battle."

August 1: "Yeah, I'll be smart with all of them. It's tough. You got to battle to get better playing football, you got to put these pads on and get after it to be a good team..."

July 31: "There was some good and bad, but we're battling and will keep working."

July 30: "Players sense that, they really watch those battles closely."

They're not the only ones. Battle away, boys.

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