Yes, Pull Your Weed-Filled Car Over In Front Of A Cop To Look For Your Lighter

Tiffany Owens, 19, had a problem -- she'd lost her lighter somewhere in the car she was driving.

No worries, though; just pull over and look for it, right?

Well, not if you intend to do it right in front of a cop car.

Fort Bend Now reports on what happened: A cop saw Owens' car, and "it looked like the passenger was leaning over the passenger side of the car, possibly trying to hide something."

No, no, no, sir, not the case at all: Owens told the cop she was merely looking for her lighter. The officer's report said he then noticed that "marijuana seeds [were] visible on the passenger seat and floorboard." which either means Owens was toting a whole passel of seeds, or the cop was giving things a pretty good going-over. Maybe he was trying to help find the lighter.

Instead, with probable cause established, he searched and found a baggie of marijuana in the glove compartment (An ingenious hiding place!)

Owens was charged with a Class B misdemeanor of possession of less than two ounces, Fort Bend Now says.

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