Yes, You Can Be Arrested While Asserting Your Constitutional Rights

If you're the executive director of a group that's called UH Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, you probably have prepared yourself for encounters with the local constabulary.

(Although -- just to be clear -- the UHSSD says it "does not advocate drug use in any fashion, but instead encourages students to fight back against counterproductive Drug War policies." While getting totally baked, dude.)

So executive Michael Blunk knew the script to follow when he went out to film an arrest following a noise complaint at a fundraiser at the Star of Hope mission last Sunday. Blunk lives nearby.

HPD apparently didn't like being filmed; Blunk keeps repeating (you'll have to excuse the Batman-like slanted video here) that he's allowed to film, but he gets cuffed and taken away.

He was charged with public intoxication.

"Blunk was in jail for a full 24 hours due to this incident, and has vowed to fight the charge once his court date arrives...The officer never asked Michael Blunk to take a field sobriety test, or use a breathalyzer. Furthermore, Blunk's Miranda rights were never read to him during this entire encounter," UHSSD says.

"All I hope to do, is to ensure all citizens and police officers know of our rights to record audio and video on public streets," Blunk insists.

We'll keep you updated on the charges, and on whether Blunk learns to film with the camera rightside up.

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Richard Connelly
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