Yes, You Can...Make A Giant Obama-Head Sculpture

It’s pretty easy to guess what was going through the minds of most Houstonians after Barack Obama was elected. When would David Adickes get to work on his 7,000-pound concrete and steel Barack Obama head?

The answer: the very next day. All he’s got so far is a model -- in truth, one that doesn’t much look like the president elect yet -- but give the man a few months. Adickes says the head should be done at least by early spring. “I could possibly get it done by inauguration,” he tells Hair Balls. “I’m gonna try, but it’s a lot of work.”

He’d like to get a meeting with Obama so he can photograph his head from all angles. Bush Sr. posed for him, and it was a big help. In the meantime, he’s using photographs for the project -- and, as you can see, Abe Lincoln’s head for a little inspiration.

Whether or not he gets his session with the next president’s real head, Adickes feels confident his sculpture, which will end up with the rest of Adickes’s heads at Presidential Park & Gardens at WaterLights in Pearland, will capture Obama.

“I’ll get him,” he says. “I’ll get the resemblance.”

Cathy Matusow

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