Yes, You Too Can Adopt a Manatee This Christmas Season

This year the biggest Christmas gifts are once again set to be tablets, smart phones, booze, Fleshlights, engagement rings and anything else that will be obsolete by next summer.

Sure, you could shell out big bucks for something with an Apple logo on it, but why not adopt a manatee?

Yes, the Save the Manatee Club -- an international nonprofit manatee conservation organization based out of Florida -- is offering up manatees for adoption.

No, you cannot take the manatees home. The money you donate goes to the conservation and education efforts for the manatees. But you do get to visit them if you would like.

"When the thought really counts, giving a holiday gift that matters is as easy as adopting a manatee," says the holiday press release.

For the low, low price of $25, you get an adoption certificate with a biography, a photo of the real manatee you adopted, a handbook and a subscription to a newsletter.

The adoption fees also go to help support injured manatees and orphaned calves. After all, these sea cows are endangered.

Unlike those kids you can virtually adopt from those sad commercials on late-night TV, these manatees cannot write you letters. Check out some of the manatees up for adoption here. They all come with strange and exotic names like Deep Dent, Paddy Doyle and Vector.

Mr. Jimmy Buffett helped found the manatee group in 1981, so this could also be a great obscure gift for the Parrothead in your family.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.