Yet Another Plan for the Downtown Maharishi Hotel

The former Days Inn hotel downtown, which famously became the Heaven on Earth facility for the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and then faded into seemingly permanent decline, has long been the subject of renovation rumors.

Four years ago we included it on our list of downtown eyesores that showed no signs of being torn down or fixed.

We did a different list of downtown blights recently, and it has brought forth an announcement of yet one more plan to change the place over.

"A year ago we provided the financing for the acquisition of the property, so our client owns it now," Miguel Sanchez, president of Gold Coast Group, told Hair Balls. "At this moment, we are 2 to 3 months away from securing a $28 million renovation loan to rehabilitate the property into a full-service 4 Star Sheraton Hotel & Suites."

What do the plans include?

"A few of the Sheraton features are: illuminated palm trees all around the hotel in the pool area (7Th floor balcony), which will be composed of glass, heated infinity pool, with large waterfall, contemporary bar & lounge, and changing color illumination from bottom up of the entire building, every night," he says.

Sanchez says "the project has already been approved by Starwood Hotels and Resorts which owns Sheraton." Completion should take 14 to 18 months, he says.

We've called Starwood, but haven't heard back, and we make no claim as to whether the Maharishi Hotel will actually, incredibly, finally get fixed. But if not, at least we can add yet another footnote to its sad history.

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Richard Connelly
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