Another Weekend Ruined by Rain? Unfortunately, It Appears Likely

The recent AIDS walk looks eerily similar to the weather now and that was over a week ago.
The recent AIDS walk looks eerily similar to the weather now and that was over a week ago. Photo by Morris Malakoff, courtesy of The CKP Group
Early this week, there was some hope that maybe...just maybe...we might see some sunshine for the weekend. We don't mean to whine too much, and maybe it is just the seasonal affective disorder kicking in, but it feels like we are living in Seattle at the moment. With all due respect to the Jet City, we aren't used to this kind of thing. Sure, we get rain, but this gloomy garbage is making us want to write sad folk songs and drink coffee. Nobody wants that.

The problem is partially the time of year, partially a weather pattern that is dumping boatloads of rain across the midwestern part of the country (mixed with melting snow that is contributing to some fairly serious flooding). Our friends at Space City Weather had a breakdown Wednesday on the reason for spring showers (and it's not to bring May flowers, to our disappointment).

What we are experiencing at the moment, and what has brought some areas a few inches of rain since Tuesday evening, is the influence of a cool front sagging across the center of the country. It passed through Houston proper on Wednesday bringing cooler temperatures (mid 50s by the late afternoon), but it won't last. That front will stall out and continue to suck moisture up off the Gulf and from west off the Pacific.

Areas to our north and east (particularly Arkansas through the midwestern states) are getting and will continue to see a mix of rain and wintry weather for the next couple of days as the front begins to clear out. Weather folks have taken to calling this Winter Storm Oliver, which we find rather idiotic, but that big storm system will continue to bring rain and misery to much of the central part of the country right down to Houston.

That means solid chances of rain with occasional heavier downpours throughout the region on Thursday with a slight drying out Friday before the rain chances ramp up again Saturday and particularly Sunday.

Finally (dear God, really?), it will begin to clear out Sunday evening and much of next week looks rather pleasant with mostly sunny days and highs in the mid 70s. It's still a bit warm for this time of year (January was the fifth warmest month in world history, so...), but at least it won't look like an ad for depression medication before the poor woman takes it. Also, your dogs will stop peeing on the carpet because they are pissed they can't go for a walk, or maybe that's just us.
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