Yet Another Strange Houston Connection To Tech-Savvy Terrorists

For of those of you who are tired of getting your War on Terror information from biased western media sources who are doing the bidding of the American capitalist infidels, you might want to check out this allegedly Taliban-sponsored site -- hosted by a server right here in Houston!

The terrorist-watchdog blog (for lack of a better descriptor) Jawa Report reports today that this "Voice of Jehad" website is an official Taliban website, with servers in Houston, L.A., and a Detroit suburb.

The daily news bulletins carry the byline of Taliban spokesman Qari Yuosuf Ahmadi, whose reporting might be losing some of its punch in translation. But at least Allah gets a shout-out. Just check out the rambling lead sentence in today's dispatch:

"Today afternoon 27-03-2009 at approximately 2pm local time, a courageous Mujahid of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Hafiz Abdul Mutalib of same province, carried out a martyrdom operation against the convoy of Italian invaders army near the center of Adraskan district of Herat province , in the attack 2 tanks of Italian invaders were destroyed and 9 Italian invaders were killed. We ask Allah to accept our brother among martyrs in Eelleyeen (high rank in the paradise). All praise and gratitude are due to Allah."

The folks at Jawa believe that servers "generally use automated web based forms and so are probably unaware that they are breaking federal law and U.N. Security Council Resolutions by dealing with the Taliban....There is a moral imperative for these web providers to discontinue doing business with the Taliban. Once known, to not act is akin to treason."

Strangely enough, this isn't the only time Houston has popped up in reports of terrorists communicating with their bffs online or via cell.

As the AP reported after last November's devastating Mumbai attacks, "...the suspects also used a digital teleconferencing system whose service provider is based in Houston, Texas."

A lot of this technical stuff is over Hair Balls's head, but we just don't understand why these dudes don't just use the Internet for porn, the way Allah intended.

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