Yet Another Study Says Houston Traffic Is Horrible

If someone were to do a study of commuting traffic in 90 American cities, gauging cost and miles and hours wasted, where do you think Houston would rank?

Would it be 90th? Maybe 89th?

NO. We are not as bad as horror pits like San Jose (89) or Dallas (90).

We are, however, 88th.

TheStreet and Bundle are the latest to tackle the issue, and that's where they put us.

Alan Clark, manager of the Transportation programs at the Houston-Galveston Area Council, isn't surprised.

"It is our expectation that as the economy recovers we will see increased travel in peak times and a resultant increase in congested travel time," he says. "As a region, we continue to promote alternative commute strategies to combat congestion, which is particularly important as federal and state revenues decline."

Houstonians spend $92 monthly on gas and car expenses, the study found, compared to $348 in Eugene, Oregon, which was picked as the easiest commute.

Also making the Top 10 of easiest commutes: Brownsville (2nd), Laredo (4th) and Beaumont (7th). Who knew Texas was the home to such easy driving?

No one in Houston or Dallas, that's for sure.

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Richard Connelly
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