Yolanda Salazar Perez: That's No Church, That's an Immigration Scam, AG Says

The state Attorney General has gotten a temporary restraining order against a Houston woman who they say is running a phony church as part of an immigration scam.

Yolanda Salazar Perez runs the New Anointing/Nueva Uncion and New Anointing Biblical Institute, and the AG's office says she told prospective customers "that new church members qualified for a legal classification known as 'special religious workers.' According to state investigators, the defendants enticed at least 300 customers to join the New Anointing Biblical Institute/Church and thus agreed to pay for the defendants' unauthorized legal services."

And also found Jesus, we sincerely hope.

The AG's suit says Salazar Perez violated the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

A judge issued a temporary restraining order forbidding Salazar Perez or associates from doing a host of business operations.

Salazar Perez has been in trouble with the AG before; in 2005 she was charged with falsely claiming to be an immigration attorney and charging clients up to $400 for an initial fee. She entered into an agreement with the AG to get out of the business.

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