You Are Now Free To Pahk Your Cah In Boston Yahd

Southwest Airlines is taking another step in its plan to stop being thought of as "that airline that flies only to airports no one's heard of."

The airline announced today it will begin service soon to Boston's Logan Airport. Up to now, travelling to New England via Southwest meant landing in Providence, R.I. or Manchester Airport, way outside Boston.

Don't make your reservations yet, though.

"It's too early to tell if we'll be having flights from Houston," SWA spokesman Chris Mainz tells Hair Balls. "We hope to release that information later in the spring."

The Boston service will begin "conservatively," he says.

Southwest will have two gates, which could accommodate 10 flights each, "but we won't be anywhere close to that at the beginning," he says.

Service to the other two New England airports will continue.

Next up on Southwest's agenda: Getting into LaGuardia in New York.

"That deal's not finalized, but we hope to be in LaGuardia in 2009," he says, with "slots" for seven round-trip flights daily.

-- Richard Connelly

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