You Call This Progress? Denied The God-Given Right To Vote Just Because You Hate Computers

What do you do if you want to vote today but have a fervent opposition to using a computer?

You get screwed, that's what.

Rad Rich, who pretty much founded the punk scene in town in many ways, went to vote today. He then concisely described his experience for Hands Up Houston's message board: "I was told I cant vote because I refuse to use the computers so I was denied the right to vote. F U Houston and I have filed a complaint."

Houston is trembling, we're sure.

We haven't heard back from Rad Rich, but we did talk to Hector DeLeon of the Harris County Clerk's office, and he confirmed that if you refuse to use the eSlate machines, you have no other options today.

"There may be some other jurisdictions that offer another method of voting, but only if it would be easy for them because there were not many voters," he says.

If Harris County decided to offer a paper-voting method, he says, it would involve printing untold numbers of ballots for each precinct, not to mention special security measures to protect them.

"It's a complicated thing," he says.

Technically, you could vote by a mailed absentee ballot, but that would involve swearing you will be out of town on election day. Anyone who has a Code of Honor that prevents using computers would surely balk at lying.

Although we guess that person could make plans to stay at the Bellaire Starbucks for most of the day.

Update: Rad Rich responds! He's not a Luddite, he's wary of vote-stealing.

there have been problems with the computer voting system since its exception. There haev been probelms in national elections where the votes have been changed. KPFT Pokey Anderson has been doing reports on the problems with computer voting for a while now. I dont think my vote will serve justice using the computer system I wanted to know whatas wrong with having both ways of voting. I ended up being told that I had to bring it up with my state rep. As was told to me the state has made it so that voting by paper ballot is all but eliminated. I stoped voting in the national election because of the electoral college. But I felt that the local elections was the last bastion of democracy

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.