BTW, HPV is a common STD - LOL!
BTW, HPV is a common STD - LOL!

You Down With HPV? Texas State Study Says Students Don't Know Jack

College kids are as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to understanding how to protect themselves from the human papillomavirus (or, as it's known in the industry, "HPV") according to a Texas State University study.

"Only 15.5 percent of college students know that condoms don't fully protect a person from contracting [HPV], and this lack of knowledge can lead students to a false sense of security in their sexual practice," according to the study, published in the journal Radiologic Technology (one of the most prestigious of all radiologic technology journals).

Hair Balls must admit that we were in the dark about a few things, like how HPV is not just associated with cervical cancer, but with anal, penile, and oropharyngeal cancer -- this is especially alarming, as we don't know what an oropharyngeal is, so we're not even sure where to put the condom in that case. But we digress.

The study comprised 411 students -- mostly white women 18-20 years old (107 were men).

The study also indicated that "only 38.8 percent knew that the virus is the most common STD" and "only 13.7 percent understood that it generally subsided without presenting any health problems."

"The lack of knowledge about other cancers associated with HPV is important, because those cancers are preventable with education, the use of vaccines, and safer sexual practices," the authors stated.

Wow, time for us to brush up...


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