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Dilana's into hall sex.

You Go, Rockstar

Okay, I'll admit it: I've been watching Rockstar: Supernova on CBS each week (well, not real time, anyway. Thanks, TiVo!). It's not to watch the "tension" between the wannabe lead singer contestants. It's not to watch Tommy Lee air-drum during said contestants' performances. It's not even to watch Brooke Burke's uh... exceptional cue card reading.

No, it's solely for Dilana, the Rockstar contestant from Houston. My fascination began after I spoke to her for a story about the new show. For Week One, she offered up a raucous interpretation of Nirvana's "Lithium." That she dared toy with Seattle's sacred cow was impressive enough. That she kicked ass, and left Tommy Lee speechless (providing a worthy public service), well, that deserved a rewind. It was clear after that performance that Dilana has "it." She works the crazy-girl, wide-eyed stare. Her hair looks like it could start a band of its own. And she bounces around the stage like an aerobics instructor hopped up on meth who's also on fire.

So how did she follow up? Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." Instead of trying to rock it out (see Social Distortion), she made it slow, dark and weird — sort of like Grace Jones singing a lullaby. The dudes in Supernova ate it up, as did the crowd.

All the while, she's clowned lesser talented male contestants, and showed up her hot but lame female opponents. She's left Dallasite Zayra Alvarez in the dust. She's consistently bested Austinite Patrice Pike.You don't have to dig this kind of music to appreciate her act. (Truthfully, some of this shit is just god-awful.) Girl can just straight up bring it, and just makes for good TV. She takes complete control of the house band, as evidenced by her recent rendition of "Zombie" by the Cranberries. She's clearly the best of the group, though there's a chance the Supernova guys will go for a male lead, probably Lukas Rossi, a tool from Toronto who looks like he's dressing up as his favorite anime character every day.

On the phone, Dilana's just as high-energy as she is when she's trippin' onstage:

Steven Devadanam: Is it me, or do you gave the house band completely in your pocket?

Dilana: It's funny that you say that. We had a party here at the mansion for the press, and we did some acoustic shows, and the house band was there. One of the musicians came up to me and said, "I just love it when you get up there. I just want to rock out with my cock out."

That might fly on pay-per-view. I've watched the obligatory contestant arguments and altercations. How is it that you manage to stay out of them?

Dilana: (Laughs) I don't really stay out of them. I don't get to the level that they're at. The minute I see that it's going crazy, I just kind of back off and figure out how I'm gonna handle it. When [fellow contestant]Ryan [Star] and I both wanted "Zombie" — I said, "It's my song, but if you want to talk about it, I'll be out by the pool."

And you obviously took "Zombie," which means he fights like a girl. Speaking of contestants, I'm thinking Lukas is the resident tool. Am I right?

Dilana: Um, pretty much. I'm kinda using Lukas at the same time. He's walking around here like he's the fuckin' Godfather and he's got his little posse that follows him around. But I'm not falling for any of his bullshit. I'm watching that boy. We're having hall sex.

Hall sex?

Dilana: Yeah, we pass each other in the hall. I say "Fuck you" and he says "Fuck you" back. -- Steven Devadanam

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