You Know You're a Texan If...12 Ways to Know for Sure

We Texans are a proud folk. We think of our state as its own little country and love to point out we are the only state in the union not annexed -- we signed a treaty -- and that affords us a certain let's call it swagger. A lot of people don't care for it, but it's all in good fun (mostly).

The truth is there is a lot to love about the Lone Star State, but to truly be a Texan, there are a number of things you have to know. If there were a test required to become a citizen of Texas -- there isn't? -- these items might not all make the list of questions, but they are requisite knowledge for anyone who has lived here and knows the truth about the world as we know it.

There's that whole "everything is big in Texas" thing and that includes parties.

And if you eat it without cream gravy, you're either nuts or a Yankee.

There is free ice cream at the end of the tour. What's not to love?

Drive around Hermann Park here in Houston on any Saturday or Sunday and you'll see some dresses you thought only existed in fairy tales and color schemes straight out of Willy Wonka.

Just know you don't want to be in it with less than three days before landfall.

If you don't know the story, it's worth a read.

Everyone knows the SWC was superior to the Big 12. C'mon!

And speaking of college football, this is one of the great tragedies in the history of the NCAA.

Or you can do like my dad used to and grow them in pots on your patio.

Teens rolled their eyes and said,"God, mom!" just like they would anywhere.

Unless you are a 20-something girl in Austin. There's also this...

You don't look "cute" dressed like Festus from Gunsmoke and, no, we don't all dress that way every day.

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