They even made the evening news.
They even made the evening news.
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You Literally Gotta Fight for a Parking Spot at the Houston Zoo on Free-Admission Tuesdays

Parking at the Houston Zoo on free-admission Tuesdays is apparently so high-stress that people throw punches over it.

That's what happened this week after a woman ran over to the sole open parking space and stood in it to try to save it while several impatient cars were circling the lot, as ABC News reported. Chaos ensued when another driver, who had been waiting longer for the spot, tried to pull into it. She got out of the vehicle, and from there, the two women started pulling each other's hair, whacking their arms around and grabbing onto each other like wrestlers wobbling around in the ring.

"It's just a parking spot!" the woman taping the fight yelled. "Y'all just need to—"

"Honey, stop," the man with her says.

Two other women then come on over and join the fun! One of them gets punched in the face.

Meanwhile, a bystander rushes over with her stroller so that her kid can witness the entire thing.

ABC News reported that police were called to the scene, but the complainant had already left. The Houston Zoo said in a statement that it was "disappointed" to see the behavior of "the adults."

Watch below:

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