You Local School Districts Are Paying Your Teachers Too Much!

There's beeen plenty of drug talk when it comes to Houston schools lately, but what about some good news?

Well, how about the fact that school districts are bitching that teachers down here are just getting paid too damn well?

It's true. (We'll pause to give the teachers reading this a chance to stop rolling their eyes.)

One school official complained to his school board:

"The problem we are running into with this is when you go to a teacher fair...nobody would even stop and look or talk to them because the base salary was the first thing they looked at. They don't look at the whole salary schedule, just the base salary, and it wasn't high enough to have them even stop and talk," said Ellis.

Jacobsen added, "At that time, we had around $32,000 as a base salary and right across the aisle from us was a place out of Houston, TX that was starting at $49,000."

The location of the complaining school official?

Petersburg, Alaska. It's known as "Little Norway."

The police reports seem to consist largely of "Unconfirmed Wolf Sightings."

But hey, at least someone is complaining that we're paying our teachers too much around here.

-- Richard Connelly

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