You May Not Have Power, Galveston, But You Can Golf

Galveston may still be struggling with basic services....but the golf course is soon going to open!

In fact, the driving range already is open, so people can take out their FEMA frustration on the ball. The rest of the Moody Gardens course should be open in two to three weeks, officials say.

Say the course managers:

Hurricane Ike dumped a lot of debris on the Moody Gardens Golf Course, but inflicted only minor damage which keeps the course from opening to the public at this time. Golf Course employees have been working since three days after the storm to get the course cleared of debris and back into operational condition.

“We are doing everything in our power to have the course open in two to three weeks,” General Manager Bill Pushak said. “We look forward to providing Galvestonians a place to relax and release stress, as well as encouraging visitors to return to our resilient island.”

Yeah, golf ain't stressful at all, we're told. By people who've usually tossed their putters 40 yards.

-- Richard Connelly

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