You Might Just Be A Redneck If...You Don't Recognize The "Celebrity" Grand Marshal Of The Pride Parade
Photo courtesy Bravo

You Might Just Be A Redneck If...You Don't Recognize The "Celebrity" Grand Marshal Of The Pride Parade

Pride Houston has just announced its "first-ever National Celebrity Grand Marshal" for the 2010 Pride Parade. And it's.......Bravo's Andy Cohen?

We thought liking Sondheim gave us some gay rep, but we may have to turn in our card: Who the hell is Andy Cohen?

He is, Pride Houston says, Bravo's "Senior Vice President of programming and development and host of Watch What Happens Live. But you probably knew that, if you're the kind of person interested in who the Pride Parade grand marshal will be.

Digging even deeper into this mystery, we discovered that Watch What Happens Live (which as a title is right up there with Look At Your TV Now) is, according to Bravo, where "Cohen will sit down with guests from some of Bravo's most popular series, as well as from the world of entertainment, to chat about what has transpired on-air and in pop culture that week for a live half-hour full of viewer interaction."

So there's that. But Pride Houston, which is probably a much, much better judge of such things, is thrilled with the "get."

And so is Cohen: "How lucky am I to get to come to Houston one of the greatest cities in America," he said in the release. "It's going to be a great fun -- and I am really looking forward to meeting Houston's Mayor, Annise Parker!"

His exclamation point, not ours.

The parade has become a huge deal, of course, and an entertaining night in Montrose. This year's event, expected to draw 150,000 or so fans, is scheduled for June 26.

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