Weather Week: Warm Christmas on Tap for Houston

Regardless of how risqué this may be, it might be appropriate considering the weather this Christmas.
Regardless of how risqué this may be, it might be appropriate considering the weather this Christmas. Photo by Sam Byrd
As discussed last week, Houston is not known for white Christmases. In fact, we've essentially never had a snowy Christmas Day. Truth be told, we've only had a couple white any days. We are in the south after all. And when it comes to Christmas, we are in good company. The entire southern hemisphere of the globe is in the dead of summer right now.

Now that we've calmed your holiday rage, let us take a moment to remind you that if you really want snow for Christmas, you are going to need to head north. But, if you like cloudy, humid and mild winter weather, oh boy, have we got a treat for you.

Christmas Eve will be mostly cloudy with a high in the mid to upper 60s. Closer to the coast, spots could hit 70. It's not the near-80-degree day we had over the weekend, but it's not exactly chilly either. Lows will run in the upper 50s inland to the lower 60s along the coast. It will be a mostly balmy evening for December, but good weather for Santa at least.

Christmas morning, when the kiddos are waking up at 5 a.m. in search of toys, they probably won't even need the pink bunny pajamas with the feet. Shorts and a T-shirt with temperatures in the 60s should suffice. By the time you are taking a nap and watching some NBA basketball, you might — especially if you have a house full of relatives — considering turning on the a/c for a few minutes in the afternoon at highs reach the low to mid 70s under cloudy skies.

The bigger changes come Wednesday into Thursday as an approaching cold front meets warm air from the Gulf. It should produce widespread showers and thunderstorms across Texas. Much of the Houston area could see an inch or slightly more than that through Thursday morning.

By Thursday afternoon, we'll reach the low 70s, but temperatures will gradually begin to cool ahead of another push of cold air heading our way just before New Year's Eve, this one with a bigger punch that the last one.

Looking Ahead

Forecasters have begun releasing their three-month forecasts for the first quarter of 2019. Most are calling for temperatures to be below average for our part of the world, particularly in January and February. So, don't put the coats in storage just yet.
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