You Spend A Billion Dollars And Still Get A Crappy New York Times Review

You spend over a billion dollars on something, you want to at least get a good review out of it in The New York Times.

Alas, Jerry Jones, you're out of luck. As a great philosopher once said....

The Times's architectural critic (named, as any Times archiectural critic should be, Nicolai Ouroussoff), reviewed the new $1.15 billion No Sponsor Name Yet Stadium, and he wasn't feeling the love.

Some excerpts:

Still, Cowboys Stadium suffers from its own form of nostalgia: its enormous retractable roof, acres of parking and cavernous interiors are straight out of Eisenhower's America, with its embrace of car culture and a grandiose, bigger-is-better mentality. The result is a somewhat crude reworking of old ideas, one that looks especially unoriginal when compared with the sophisticated and often dazzling stadiums that have been built in Europe and the Far East over the last few years. Worse for fans, its lounges and concourses are so sprawling that I suspect more than a few spectators will get lost and miss the second-half kickoff.

And then there's:

Walk around to either side of the structure and you're confronted with what looks like a conventional suburban office park. The facade is organized in a standard three-part arrangement, with a canted wall of white fritted glass set on a limestone base and topped by a recessed band of windows. A service road encircles the structure, surrounded by endless expanses of parking. A few lonely trees only draw attention to the absolute joylessness of the scene.

"Absolute joylessness"!!! Now there's a rave!

The critic, whose name we're not going to try to spell again, added "the vastness of the concourses, some of them 65 feet wide, can make you feel as if you are lost in an international airport terminal."

He did have some praise for the artwork and the sheer audacity of the quarter-mile-long arches that hold up the roof.

But for a billion dollars, you'd expect to get a better review.

(Counting down to Cowboyfan pointing out that Reliant Stadium didn't even get a review: five, four, three......)

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