You Weren't Watching That, Were You?


er Daniel Ortega decided to watch the

‘Stros home opener

at the BUS yesterday, and, well, let’s just say the bar directly across the street from the ballpark had some interesting priorities.

We’ll let Ortega take it from here...

Astros are winning 3-0 but in the top of the 9th the Cardinals score three runs to tie it up with the Astros coming up in the bottom of the 9th. Well, some genius at the BUS changes the channels on ALL the TVS to the NCAA championship game which has not even begun yet.

The place is packed with about 200 people all wearing Astros hats, shirts and jerseys (and cheering everything that is going on in the Astros game), and the BAR ACROSS FROM MINUTE MAID turns the channel to a basketball game that has not even started. The place breaks out into boos and chants of ASTROS ASTROS, and the person controlling the channels starts to turn it back to the game, going channel to channel so it takes extra long.

When he/she finally gets there, TEJADA is rounding second ‘cause HE HIT A DAMN HOME RUN!!!!!!!!! No one in the whole bar ACROSS FROM MINUTE MAID PARK saw the home run ‘cause some genius thought everyone was there to see a NCAA game that no Texas team is playing in. The crowd started chanting FREE BEER FREE BEER, which of course never happened.

Everyone was mad until three minutes passed and everyone was high-fiving each other ‘cause the ‘Stros did win.

-- Keith Plocek

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.