You'll Put Your Eye Out! Suspects Caught on Camera in BB Gun Drive By

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In the old days, kids got BB guns for two things: shooting birds in the yard and then sobbing and swearing never to shoot anything again when their fathers forced them to watch as they mercifully ended the bird's life that took a BB to the eye (ahem) and for protecting their families from Black Bart. I doubt anyone considered using them in a drive by...until now.

According to a report from ValleyCentral.com, a man in Rio Hondo who swears he isn't Black Bart (yeah, right!) claims a group of teens drove by his house and shot it and his vehicles up with, that's right, BB's. The alleged rifle-wielding madmen were even caught on tape by the victim (see video below).

The man said he was glad no one was hurt, but there was damage to the windshield of his Hummer (guess he didn't have the military grade version with BB-proof glass) and BB's could be found around his home. One even hit his son on the arm, which caused him to ask (we assume), "Did someone just tap me ever so gently on the arm with the eraser of a pencil or perhaps did a butterfly land on me?"

We make that assumption because despite Chevy Chase trying to convince John Candy that a BB could lodge under the skin and cause a nasty infection (in the movie Vacation), we're fairly certain one shot from the street is about as dangerous as a bullet made of nerf material, nevermind what happened to Ralphie's glasses in A Christmas Story.

Police in Rio Hondo have since arrested a group of teenagers, though no word on what their punishment might be. We would suggest they get a taste of their own medicine, but BB's can lodge under the skin and cause a nasty infection, or so we've heard.

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