Young & Recessioned: "Dave" Discusses The Strip-Club Option For Jobless Females

Today's installment of Young & Recessioned features Dave, a manager at the Gold Cup gentleman's club, who says stripping is a great part-time gig when the economy gets tight.

With the economy being down and men being laid off, a lot of women have had to pick up the slack. And this is an industry that's always hiring.

The entertainers are independent contractors, so they're not actually employees. We don't have to pay them; they just work on what they make in tips. But at any given time, we have about 300 [girls] here.

They have to have a social security card. A legitimate one, because we do check. And a valid state ID. Unfortunately now you get a lot of people coming in from across the border with fake ID's.

They have to be a minimum of 18. There is no maximum, as long as they're attractive.

But this is probably the best part-time job in the world for a girl.

There has been an increase of, I don't want to say older women, but people who are in family situations where husbands got laid off, and job prospects are pretty bleak at the time.

We have a couple girls who were laid off from oil companies.

This is a lean time for pretty much everybody. So we try to regulate the amount of girls we have with the amount of business we have at the time.

But we still do pretty good. There's a good customer flow and plenty of girls.

The money varies. This goes back to the days where everything was booming, even back in the 1980s. Some days they come in and make tremendous money, and sometimes you have a bad day and walk out with nothing.

Obviously the smarter you are, the more capable you are of carrying on a conversation. Those girls usually do better. But not everyone who comes in here is looking for an Einstein.

A lot of these girls can't even get through high school. I think that's a result of our system and the poor education that's out there now. Or things pop up in a their lives where they are incapable of finishing school.

The girls who are in school or single parents, they tend to be more regimented in their activities. With the night girls, it's more of a party atmosphere.

I tell girls to treat it like any other job. If you get in here and just pretend you're working at some titty bar, and you start partying and showing up when you want, where you make a lot of money one day then take three days off, then you're in the same boat you were when you walked in broke.

It's a great part-time job. There was a long time that I would've never let my daughter in here. But as long as I knew the people she worked for and trusted them, then you can put yourself through school in no time at all.

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