Young Conservatives Protest A Texas Tech Sculpture Featuring Lesbians, Commies

Photo courtesy Texas Tech
Don't look!!! It'll make you hate America!!!

You would think, what with a Kenyan-born Muslim frog-marching the country into socialism while killing your grandmother, that conservatives would have plenty of things on their plate to protest.

But the Young Conservatives of Texas beg to differ. The Texas Tech chapter of YCT is officially announcing it is up in arms, it is outraged, it is starting a petition, it is just not gonna take it anymore when it comes to a statue on campus called "Tornado of Ideas."

The $142,000 piece, by Tom Otterness, has been in place for at least five years, but it takes time to get outraged, we guess.

Among the terrible things included on this statue, according to YCT: "two lesbian women sitting arm-in-arm looking out at passersby."

The work also features a number of books, including Soul on Ice, written by a former Black Panther leader who was imprisoned for serial rape, which he called "revolutionary." More questionable titles, such as Quotations from Chairman Mao, who killed over 65 million people in China, and Das Kapital by Karl Marx are included as well. Also included are Michael Moore's Dude Where's My Country and The Terrorist Next Door: The Military Movement and the Radical Right.

Take it away, Ryan Scott, vice-chairman of the campus chapter: "There is no reason why our administration should purchase art that in no way represents the University or its ideals. That this expensive purchase was made without proper input from the people who are paying for it is an outrage."

Sign the petition in opposition to ideas right here.

We've contacted both Texas Tech and Otterness to ask about their plot to warp young Panhandle minds now that it's been exposed. We'll update if we hear back.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.