Your Chance To Drive A Top-Of-The-Line Dragster

If you've ever wanted to race a full-blown, 8,000-horsepower NHRA dragster down the strip, this crummy economy is giving you the chance. If you can afford it.

Urs Erbacher, who as you well know is a four-time drag-racing champ, is offering to train drag fans at his Baytown facility and then let them race his back-up car at an actual event.

He's doing it, according to drag-racing site go2geiger.com, because he needs the cash to keep his team sponsored for the full 2009 season.

"Prospective racers will take control of Erbacher's back-up dragster, which posted competitive 3.8s at 310 mph last season," the site reports.

So how much will it cost? That depends. Some people may take longer to train than others, says crew chief Wayne Dupuy.

"Every time you run a car down the track you're spending 'X' amount of dollars, whether it's during licensing or a race," Dupuy said. "You can't put one price on this deal because maybe one guy will need 10 passes to feel comfortable, while another guy might need 20. It's going to be an individual, case-by-case deal.

"I do know we've become real good at running the car as efficiently as possible. We're going to give our clients a safe, competitive racecar that can qualify for a national event and win some rounds. For some people, that's priceless."

Knock yourselves out, dragsters.

-- Richard Connelly

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