Your Chance To Star In A Movie About The Demise Of AstroWorld

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AstroWhirled by David Morris Purdie. It's a taste of what you'll see at his upcoming screening/shooting.

Come be a part of a movie screening in which you are the star. Local filmmaker David Morris Purdie is hosting a screening of scenes from a yet-to-be-completed documentary about the demolition of AstroWorld, not as a preview, but so that he can shoot footage of an audience watching the film. Then he'll take that footage and insert it into the final version of the film. So show up for this screening and in a few months you can come back and watch yourself in a movie that features you watching the same movie.

Hair Balls spoke with Purdie and asked him about the upcoming screening/film shooting and the eventual documentary.

Hair Balls: This all started with you being upset that AstroWorld was going to be closed down, right? How did you get from that to having an audience watch themselves watching themselves?

David Morris Purdie: The second that I heard AstroWorld was going to close, I went out and brought a video camera. And I really haven't stopped since. I've collected almost 150 hours of footage of AstroWorld coming apart.

I decided that, using footage that I've collected over the last few years, that I could create a film within a film. The film will actually take the viewers back to Cactus Records and Tapes over on Shepherd and then inside the Book Stop. Then while inside the Book Stop, the building will revert to theater form and I'll show a movie on a screen.

I can already do that with all the footage that I have, the only thing I need is footage of an audience sitting and watching the movie. That's why I've secured this venue and I'm going to be videotaping my audience while they watch what I show on the screen. Later I will incorporate that footage into the film.

HB: So what's the audience going to see at this screening?

DMP: The stuff that I'm going to be showing is what I call a personal documentary. You see I spent seven months filming the last days and then the demolition of AstroWorld. I'm in the process of creating a personal documentary showing how I brought a video camera and spent the final months of AstroWorld's life going to [the park] every weekend and filming every ride from the front row seat. Then I got involved with the demolition process. For six or seven months or so I went out there every day and video taped the demolition.

HB: During the screening, you're going to be asking for some audience participation, right?

DMP: Well, I'm going to shoot footage of the audience in 3D glasses, not that there's anything 3D about the film, but I thought I've got this audience, I might as well get them wearing 3D glasses.

I'm also going to ask the audience to boo at the screen, so I can have footage of that. Actually, I just want to have fun with this and collect as much footage that I might be able to use in the future.

The screening/filming will be at 8 p.m. Thursday, April 8. River Oaks Theatre, 2009 West Gray. For information, call 713-205-0895. $5

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