Your Federal Government: Protecting The Rights Of Old People To Work In Strip Clubs

Now this is the kind of federal government you're getting now that Obama's in office -- the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing a Houston strip club for firing a worker because she was too old.

Finally, we have a gover -- what the hell? We're gonna get old strippers now? Bring back McCain!!

The EEOC's Houston office says AHD Houston, Inc., which owns Centerfolds and Cover Girls -- described by the agency as "'strip clubs' catering to male customers" -- violated age-discrimination laws when it fired Mary Bassi, a 50-year-old waitress.

Bassi had worked for the company for 13 years, but had gotten too old for this shit, as they say in the movies: "In August 2005 a male manager for Cover Girls who was in his 30s began harassing Bassi because of her age," the EEOC says. "On multiple occasions, this manager and another manager referred to Bassi as 'old' and...[told] her she was exhibiting signs of Alzheimer's Disease."


And so the federal government has taken on this woman's crusade to continue working in a titty bar.

"Age discrimination is prohibited by federal law, even within the adult entertainment industry," R.J. Ruff, Jr., district director of the Houston EEOC office, said. "The EEOC will not stand idly by while employees in any industry are subjected to discrimination because of their age."

Ruff then retired to his office to watch his newest Grandmothers Gone Wild DVD. Well, probably not.

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