Your Guide To The Annual March Music Invasion Of Texas

March can be a harrowing, exhausting time to be a music fan in Texas. Or it can be the most exhilarating time of all.

Everyone knows about the monster that is SXSW. It can be far too easy to be overwhelmed by options, last-minute hype and logistical nightmares. Luckily, this week's feature provides the info you need to make the best choices.

That's not all it does, though. We also offer guides to two offshoots of the Big Event -- North by 35, Denton's festival which features the Flaming Lips, and Houston's very own SXSW Overflow Fest, at Supper Happy Fun Land.

Our sister blog Rocks Off has a brief guide to the Overflow Fest, complete with ways to explore the artists you may not have heard of.

And whether you're headed to Austin, Denton or Super Happy Fun Land -- or, Good God, all of them -- we've got the information to make things as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


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