Your Lucky Break Into The World Of Graphic Novels May Be Here

We're all about hope and opportunity here at the Houston Press. That's why we're looking to give a lucky break to some local frustrated artist out there who sees him- or herself as a graphic novelist.

If you can out-Watchmen the Watchmen, if your notebooks are filled with Dark Knight images that out-Millers Frank Miller, this could be your big shot.

We're looking for someone who could have some fun with a project we're putting together for a future cover story. Someone who is from the Houston area.

You'll get paid, of course -- we're not into indentured slavery here -- but we're looking to give someone a jump start on a career where such starts can be hard to come by.

Send some drawing samples to [email protected] and put "graphic artist" in the header. It may take some time for us to go through them all, but we'll eventually be in touch.

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Richard Connelly
Contact: Richard Connelly