Your Top 5 Summer Destinations List Includes.....Houston?

USA Today's travel section has a column by a SmarterTravel.com writer listing the top five bargain destinations for the summer traveler.

Among them: us. Probably because Houston has to offer a hell of a lot of discounts to get anyone to come here during the summer.

It's an eclectic group of destinations: New York City comes in first, then Houston, then Fort Myers, Florida (?), Costa Rice and Reno, Nevada.

USA Today admits that Houston can get a little warm at times, but cheerfully urges visitors to ignore it:

Houston may be hot, but it's also a bargain this summer -- and it's got the accolades to prove it. With spots in both Hotwire's Travel Value Index and Budget Travel's hottest budget destinations list, the city earns top marks for its good value on hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

The United/Continental merger helps things out, the paper says, by making Houston "the largest hub of the largest airline in the world." And the hottest and muggiest hub, too!!!

"In Houston sightseeing and sticking to a budget go hand in hand," the article says. "An impressive 10 of the 17 museums in the Houston Museum District offer free entry."

So expect an onslaught of tourists this summer. Cheap, bargain-demanding tourists holding up the lines at attractions by arguing their coupon should be worth more.

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