You're Hired!!

How can you tell if you're a college football fanatic? If you've been anxiously waiting for tomorrow, February 7, for a long time.

The rest of you are wondering to yourselves: February 7? Why are college-football fanatics going nuts over the anniversary of Emile Zola's "J'Accuse!" trial?

As it turns out, fans are instead waiting for National Signing Day, when high school seniors sign on the dotted line and commit themselves to a specific college.

For some fans, that means an enthralling mix of despair and elation as players wait until the last minute to announce their choices.

For others, like us, it means the end — for an all-too-short while, at least — of endless nattering about the thought processes of 18-year-old jocks who change their mind every 10 days anyway.

Here's a neat little site that lets you track just where your favorite university is getting its players from. As you can tell, Mack Brown doesn't let anyone come across the border and steal someone from UT.

The guys at the best college-football blog, Every Day Should Be Saturday, apparently posted this earlier today. But we, ever mindful of the need for Houstonians to be productive at work, have held off until prime working hours are passed.

In case you're wondering, the "all too brief period" where recruiting talk ends lasts two days. -- Richard Connelly

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