Will they let him use a belt instead of a gavel?
Will they let him use a belt instead of a gavel?

YouTube's Daughter-Beatin' Judge Goes Back to the Bench

Score one for Justice: Judge William "Beltin' Bill" Adams, who made history with a YouTube video showing him whipping his 16-year-old daughter for illegally downloading music, gets to return to the bench this week.

The Texas Supreme Court had suspended Adams in November 2011 while the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct "investigated" (wink-wink) the incident, which occurred in 2004, but was posted in 2011, when Adams's daughter Hillary was 23. Ultimately, the Commission issued a public reprimand that came with no consequences.

The Texas Supreme Court "approved an agreement between Adams and the Commission, asking that the suspension be lifted," according to the Associated Press. "As part of the agreement, Adams had waived his right to appeal the public warning...."

Adams's ex-wife (the girl's mother) was quoted as saying "Hillary and I are both really sad today. I had really hoped the judicial review process would work. I had really wanted to see the public protected."

As part of the agreement, "Adams may no longer preside over the physical domestic abuse cases that previously comprised much of his court docket," according to the AP report.

OK, so, we have a judge who's not allowed to preside over a huge portion of serious cases that he'd normally hear because he's been shown to have poor judgment and severe control issues. Yeah, that makes sense. That's exactly the kind of dude we want behind the bench, deciding people's fate. What a proud day for Texas courts.


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