You've Heard It Effin' Before: Cops Wash Out With Soap Another Galveston County Potty-Mouth

We really thought we wouldn't be writing again about people getting into trouble with the law in Galveston County because they cursed. But goshdarnit, it just keeps popping up.

Whether it's a frustrated woman in a Wal-Mart, a guy arguing over his neighbor's dog poop, or even a guy from fuckin' Queens (the official name of the NYC borough), cops keep handing out tickets for potty mouths in the priggish county.

Now they've done it again.

The Galveston County Daily News reports on four yutes who were tossed out of the Mall of the Mainland because one of them was wearing a wallet chain. Such a chain is prima facie evidence of gang activity, even though the paper discovered a store in the mall sells them.

When the mall security cop, an off-duty deputy constable, "grabbed" the obvious gang member (15-year-old Angel Conner), the kid dropped an F-bomb.

He was issued a ticket for disorderly conduct.

We can only assume that this is Galveston County's way of dealing with gangs -- just like the feds going after Al Capone on taxes, cops there fight gangs by bringing down the hammer on uncouth language.

Conner's mom, an obvious supporter of gang activity, told the paper she will help him fight the ticket in court next month.

Our advice: Keep it clean, lady.

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