Yraias Ruiz Salas, 66, Caught with Naked 53-Year-Old Prostitute and the Pictures to Prove It

For the most part, porn films don't involve older people because, well, the average degenerate doesn't want to watch the elderly get it on.

Most filthy porn-loving freaks prefer young, nubile and possibly cosmetically enhanced "actors" doing the nasty for their viewing pleasure. So, even if the older people in the porn included Helen Mirren (rawr), the average viewer would still opt for a 20-year-old hardbody.

For those of you reading who fall into the category of "people who watch porn but don't want to see old people doing it," you might want to avert your gaze because the people in the above photo, Yraias Ruiz Salas, 66, and Maria Rosalinda Tovar, 53, are facing charges related to prostitution after police caught a naked Tovar (shudder) in Salas's truck after he allegedly solicited sexual favors from her for $20.

It would almost be romantic if it weren't the complete opposite of romantic.

Harlingen police say they spotted a white Ford Ranger (OJ?) parked off a side road and when the officer approached, Salas started running while Tovar, naked (shudder again), wrestled her clothes on. Salas was apprehended because, well, he's in his 60s and trying to run from the cops.

Tovar was charged with prostitution and possession of marijuana police found in her purse. Frankly, given her age, career and the looks of Salas, I'm surprised she hadn't smoked it already.

Salas was charged with promotion of prostitution, which sounds more like what a pimp might do on the streets of New York with a trenchcoat and a big hat with a feather in it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.