Zachary Wiersing: Stands up to Grandma.
Zachary Wiersing: Stands up to Grandma.

Zachary Wiersing Punches His Grandma Because She Peed Herself

Nominations for Worst Grandson of the Year are now closed: We have a winner, according to court documents filed against one Zachary Wiersing.

He's been charged with the felony charge of injury to an elderly individual because, according to investigators, he punched his 75-year-old grandmother in the face because bladder problems caused her to wet herself. Her incredibly selfish action apparently ruined her grandson's day.

Since Wiersing, 35, already has a burglary conviction, he could be getting some longer punishment should the allegations be proven.

Court documents show the case, first noted by KPRC, began when police were called out to the Heights home grandmother and grandson shared in the 1200 block of Rutland March 24.

The grandmother said her grandson had assaulted her four days before, and the officer noted bruises on her face and legs.

The bruises on her legs, she said, came when she fell. For good measure, the grandson also "broker her phone," the documents say.

The arrest came after follow-up interviews on April 11.

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